Dr. Astrid Menz: Turkish in Germany, 27.04.2017 (19/04/2017)
The Seminars of Prof. Dr. Mertol Tulum II, 03.04.2017 (04/04/2017)
The Spring Conferences: The Special Panel of Library Week 27.03.2017 (20/03/2017)
Corpus Musicae Ottomanicae: New Approaches to the Critical Edition of Manuscripts in Hampartsum Notation 07.03.2016 (08/03/2017)
The Seminars of Prof. Dr. Mertol Tulum: Studies on Historical Texts 06.03.2017 (06/03/2017)
Dr. Zaur Gasimov, A Life Between Cultures And Nationals: Turcologist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Caferoğlu, 22.02.2017 (23/02/2017)
The New Issue of Türkiyat Mecmuasi Journal of Turkology has been Published (31/12/2016)
The International Symposium of M. Fuad Köprülü 21-22.11. 2016 (15/11/2016)
The International Symposium of Khoja Ahmed-i Yasawi: From Past to Present was hold on 26-28 September 2016 (09/10/2016)
Harun Korkmaz: The Catalog of Music Manuscripts in Istanbul University Library (08/06/2016)
The New Book of Dr. Esra Özsüer was Published in Greece (18/05/2016)
Csató, Éva Á. & Astrid Menz & Fikret Turan (Editors). 2016. Spoken Ottoman in Mediator Texts, Turcologica 106, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (29/03/2016)
Prof. Dr. Fikret Turan Presented Paper in University of Mainz (29/03/2016)
Assis. Prof. Gözde Sazak: The Gold Works of European Huns and Symbolism (29/03/2016)
Assis. Dr. Hande Günözü: The Restoration -Conservation Works of Hagia Eufemia Church (This Project is Sponsored by Vehbi Koç Vakfı) (21/03/2016)
The Gift Book of Kemal Eraslan was Published (13/03/2016)
Assis. Prof. Kadriye Figen Vardar: The Stone Ornaments in the 16th Century Mosques in Istanbul (13/03/2016)
The new issue of Art-Sanat Journal has been published. (27/02/2016)
Prof. Dr. Fikret Turan is the new director of Research Institute of Turkology (27/02/2016)
The new issue of Türkiyat Mecmuası has been published. (27/02/2016)

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